Pasmanda Muslim Mahaz

Pasmanda Muslim Mahaz

Sunday, 14 August 2011


since we are all aware of the nakli niyat(malicious intention) of congress party regarding tabling of the ranganath mishra commission report in parliament,  so we cannot expect them to execute the report. even for tabling the report in parliament , all india pasmanda muslim mahaz had done a wide staged protest and agitaion throughout india against the congress party intention under the leadership of  Ali Anwar, all india president  aipmm  and mp(rajya sabha, jdu).    all india pasmanda muslim mahaz is organising massive rallies basically concentrating on 18 states with strong opposition to the malicious intentions of congress party .  we demand scheduled caste status to dalit(pasmanda)  muslims nd dalit christians who are having similar jobs as hindus have like scavenger, dhobi, chudihaar.  if their hindu counterparts can have the scheduled caste status then why not chritians and muslims can have.  

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